Monday, December 28, 2009

Adding up

It's nearly the last day of the year. I've been counting my blessings. I wont bore you with the details but there are lots of blessings to count up. And I've been thinking about New Year's resolutions. I thought about making a long list of resolutions so that I could at least manage to accomplish a few. But really it ought to be just one or two.

I'm still thinking about mine.


  1. Happy 2010

    Two thousand & nine is about to go
    To every Muslim, Christian, Hindu & Jew
    Here’s a Happy New Year wish to you

    Make it peaceful two thousand & ten
    Smile be Happy & have lots of fun

    Life is your most precious treasure
    Indulge & make it full of pleasure

    Old, adults, teenagers, pets & toddlers
    Love’m, they’re our sisters & brothers

    Make loving is your treasured wealth
    And kindness is your path to health

    In our future, whatever will be will be
    Dream big & be what you want to be
    Enjoy & Cherish the sweet memories

    Happy New Year Khadija, to the family, to everyone in Libya & everyone around the globe

    mahmud abudaber
    Los Angeles, Ca - USA
    December 28, 2009

  2. Thanks Mahmud! I wish you the very best!

  3. A Friend
    by Gillian Jones
    A person who will listen and not condemn
    Someone on whom you can depend
    They will not flee when bad times are here
    Instead they will be there to lend an ear
    They will think of ways to make you smile
    So you can be happy for a while
    When times are good and happy there after
    They will be there to share the laughter
    Do not forget your friends at all
    For they pick you up when you fall
    Do not expect to just take and hold
    Give friendship back ,it is pure gold.

    Thanks for a being my friend ,wishing you and your great family a Happy ,Healthy,Prosperous and Peaceful, New Year !


  4. Luna... thanks for the lovely poem. I count your as one of my blessings. You are a special friend.


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