Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stocking Up on Fun

Last night I took the girls out CD shopping so they could stock up on PlayStation discs to get through the long, hot, boring summer. While there I picked up a couple of movies and today I've been putting them on my iPod.

I've got a whole slew of family weddings to go to in the next few weeks and watching movies on my iPod is going to be my saviour. I was planning to save them to watch during those boring waits for the aroosa to arrive, but I couldn't help but watch one of them - The Onion Movie is soooooo funny in a weird and silly way! Get that one and watch it.... NOW! LOLOLOL....


  1. Watched the trailer... Personally I found it to be rather coarse and adolescent. I can understand why it was shelved after filming in 2003. They should've left it there.

  2. jf... I never said it was in any way cerebral... It's weird and silly, not unlike their website.


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