Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Influencing hobbies and interests

It's been a while since I last had a go with my camera. When I start taking pictures I get lost in the pure bliss of it and later wonder why I waited so long. And then I shelve it for a while once again until the mood strikes me.

Once in a while I let Jenna have a go with my camera and she really seems to enjoy it. She's got an eye for it and takes some really nice pictures. The thought of buying her a camera has been hanging about in the back of my mind. Her father will have a heart attack if I do it I imagine, especially since I have a camera, a Sony, that I paid 700 dinars for a few years ago. It has a lens that moves in and out when you turn it on and off or use the zoom. The mechanism that does all that is broken and in need of repair. Unfortunately there is no place in Libya that can repair it and the nearest repair place is in Tunis. The expensive Sony is thrown in the dresser drawer waiting for the day we finally go off for a holiday someplace that it can be repaired. In the meantime I've gotten attached to my other camera, the Canon. It's cheaper and takes pretty good pictures. It's also a much sturdier camera (masha'allah - just in case I give it the eye).

Hmm... we'll see.... Maybe I can work out a reasonable camera for Jenna. I suppose we'll have to call it 'the kids camera' or there will be shouts of complaint from the others. But my intuition says, that in the end, Jenna will be the only one that really takes an interest.


  1. Cameras in Libya are too expensive in comparision to Europe.

    Was your sony a Sony DSC-H1?

  2. Hi KhadijaTeri
    I'd like to have a chance to talk with you....
    I am just been in Libya and I left there my heart....
    hope to hear you soon
    Laura from Italy
    e-mail address redmama70@yahoo.it

  3. A year ago I gave a niece an old camera to practice with it. A half year later, her parents bought her a simple digital one, and it was surprising how quick she learned to work with it and use all the posibilities of it (other than people like me..). So, I think it will be a wonderful gift. Digital cameras are also becoming cheaper and cheaper at the moment.
    Regards, Anna (+ congratulations with more than 100.000 visitors!)

  4. It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P92... sigh.. it takes lovely pictures when it works. This is the second tiome the mechanism has broken. sigh.....

  5. As a regular visitor to the blog from the UK, id like to offer you my spare SONY camera, its a 3.2megapixel one and the screen is cracked, but it works fine. And this way you wont have to buy one for your daughter.


    P.S. i keep trying to convince my mom to read your blog, she is like you, Married to a Libyan man. Next time i go visit her i will give her another try.

  6. Thanks Jamal.... Jenna and I are going oout this week to look around - cameras are gettting pretty reasonable here. :) thanks for your generous offer, but keep your camera as a back up.


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