Monday, June 16, 2008

Here we go again...

Despite the rampant cheating during Sara's exams, only 40 of around 400 students at her school managed to pass. The system here allows students to re-sit the exams that they fail... they are given a second chance. Sara is among the re-sits. It's back to having her nose in a book for a while more. She wasn't that upset about the news. I think the re-sits will begin in about 2 weeks.

We're still waiting on Nora's results. I had a look at some of her exams that she brought home, and it was sad - she's studying English so I can read them. How on earth can you give a multiple choice test for speaking? And for the reading exam they weren't given a reading passage to read and then a set of comprehension questions (as one would expect a reading test to be like) No, the reading test was also multiple choice questions based on the reading passages they had done during the year, and they weren't given the passages to read during the exam. The students had to memorize all the readings they had done. Topping that off, I found numerous mistakes on the exam - some of the questions were written so that they had more than one correct answer. A multiple choice question with more than one possible correct answer? Which correct answer would be counted as the right one?

.... haddi-baddi.... sigh....


  1. ok tell me again....
    where do you live?
    further questions?
    good luck to sara.

  2. 400 cheated during Sara's exams
    40 passed, N’ no one give a damn

    For the ones who failed this time
    Re-sitting the exams is no crime

    They are given a second chance
    It’s no time 4 fun or joy N’ dance

    Sara’s nose in a book for a while
    Summer exam is a distant exile

    She wasn't upset about the news
    Study N’ no time to sing the blues

    Re-sits will begin in about 2 weeks
    Cheating okayed by nerds N’ geeks

    We're still waiting for Nora's results
    Hope will be ok and no more insults

    Multiple choice test for speaking?
    Is it the same choice for cheating?

    Reading exam is a multiple choice
    Time for parents to raise their voice

    School and exams should be all fun
    Not memorize readings they’d done

    Read an exam N’ found many mistakes
    Is it an exam or playing sweepstakes?

    Exam with more than one correct answer?
    Like a stake half T- bone N’ half Spencer?

    Which one is counted as the right one?
    Like a choice between a hot dog or bun?


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