Thursday, June 26, 2008

School year coming to an end

Nora's results come out today.... we heard on the radio that only 33% passed of those who were studying English. They will announce the results on the radio and you can send an sms to get the results too. We sent the sms and have gotten nothing back yet.

So now we wait. Nora looks pale and keeps complaining that her heart is beating way too fast.

Other news, we have a death in our family and have been busy with the funeral. The uncle's wife decided to burn the year's schoolbooks and papers since they wouldn't be needed any more. She took them out to the garden and poured gasoline on them for good measure. Unfortunately her dress caught fire in the process. It is more than sad. The lives of many people have changed in just an instant.


  1. oh my goodness, talk about a freak accident. My thoughts are with you.

  2. انا لله و انا إليه راجعون

    this is very sad indeed, may Allah give all of you patience.

    good luck to Nora

  3. OMG, So sorry for the horrible way to die in the family.

    Happy Birthday and congrats to Nora. Gosh 18! Love and sincerity Sandi

  4. If this wasn't such a sad event it would be hysterically funny. "The uncle's wife decided to burn the year's schoolbooks and papers .. poured gasoline on them for good measure. Unfortunately her dress caught fire in the process" and died. How tragic, how stupid.

  5. anonymous... what an extremely rude thing to say!

    Accidents happen, and no matter how many times someone is told to stop, drop and roll when their clothes alight on fire, the moment the event takes place and panic sets in you don't always do the logical thing or what you may know as the correct thing to do under the circumstances.

  6. I'm soo sorry for your family's loss! What a horrible memory for everyone. My thoughts are with you and your family. PS. Way to go Nora! Whooo Hoo!

    Nora In Dubai

  7. well congrats to nora , i didnt realize that the voting is in libya is it similar to U.S. to register and all . and so sorry to hear about the death what a freak accident, i can't even imagine being on fire, so wil nora go on to college now or will she get married

  8. Dear khadija
    Please accept my condolence for the tragic death of the uncle's wife, may God rest her soul, and may give the family the strength to go through these though times.

  9. anonymous... there's no voting in Libya as far as I know. But this year in the US it's an election year... she can vote for president now.. ;)

  10. Asalom Alai Kom wa Rahmatullah wa Barackatu Ukhti,

    Inna Lilahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon

    Such sad news.....

    Khedegah Mc

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you Khadijah. I haven't read much lately been busy trying to find a bigger house. Not like I am going to see Libya anytime soon again. How are things with your house I haven't seen any posts on it since you did the tile? Tell the ladies there hi for me. I really miss the sea. But not the mosquitos!


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