Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sorting out links and a day off

I'm slowly but surely updating all the link lists on my blog. I'm trying to put them in some sort of categories and I'm also trying to check them out to make sure all the links are still valid. This is taking quite a long time because every time I click on a link I start reading and forget what I am supposed to be doing!

I will keep at it, be patient while I sort through - things may look messy on my sidebars until I get them the way I want. Having a side bar on either side of the page is driving the Libra in me crazy... they must somehow balance or they are just not right!

Yesterday I took a day off. In the past the 11th of June was a public holiday in Libya - something to do with throwing the Americans out - or asking them politely to leave, as I was corrected by someone recently. LOL... Anyway, I decided it was a good day for a day off, so I took one.

Last week I asked Mr. Aljazero if I could go with Tara to Gharian to buy pottery. 'What! No! It's too far to drive there!' was his reply. I should have known better than to take that approach to discussing things with that man. We put off the trip to buy pottery for another day. Since I had the whole day off yesterday Tara and I decided we'd go to Gharian. Mr. Aljazero was planted in front of the TV getting his morning dose, 'Tara and I are going out shopping for souvenirs.' I informed him. 'Ok. Have a nice time.' he replied. You have to know how to deal with these men... sigh...

We had a pleasant drive to Gharian, bought lots of pottery and came home. Actually, I took my sister in the US along with us. I got on Palringo, a program for my phone, and chatted with my sister and sent her pictures and audio the whole time. It was kind of fun.


  1. Hello,

    I am new to blogging. I like visiting your blog, hope you don't mind if I link you. Feel free to link me as well.


  2. oea enterprises... you aren't a blog.. you're just an advert.

  3. Salaams...

    Your blog is one of the FUNNIEST, most down to earth blogs I have ever read. I try and read it every day!!! I'm still laughing about your post about Mr. Creepo following you around...and you screaming out his license plate number...ABSOLUTLEY priceless. You've actually have given me the courage to confront creeps like that from now on!!!!

    --muslimah from Canada

  4. It was fun to travel with you... I didn't even spill my coffee and my son never left my lap.


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