Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where's Safia?

What has happened to Safia Speaks? The blog has disappeared!

Oh my ... and I was addicted! What shall I do now?


  1. just pray with me she come back and blogs again.

  2. Safia is taking a long break because Safia has created another fine mess for herself.

    My religious blog UniversalMuslim at is still up and running; yet I doubt if I currently am in da mood to write anything.

  3. Safia... good to hear that you haven't totally disappeared. I hope you get over this crisis soon. Sometimes we all need a break. Can you leave your blog up there so we can re-read it till you change your mind and start back again??

    The Libyan blogging scene is changing. Not very many fresh faces to take the place of those who have stopped blogging. And many who have been blogging are getting too involved with other aspects of their lives to post very often. On the same day that you stop Safia Speaks the Flying Birds starts flying low... a break up?... I hope A.Adam and Lona work it out....


  4. Eh, sorry, da blog has been deleted. I dunno if I can get it back again, especially since I haven´t backed up the excessive HTML-code for the page.

    Anyway, I will probably blog again some time in the future - this gal just can´t keep quiet.

    But I simply had to delete my blog in order to refrain myself from getting myself and others in jeopardy with my emotional ramblings.

    Friends can make lotsa du3a for me; maybe things get straightened out, yet everything will take the path Allah (swt) has chosen for me. It is in Him we all have to trust.

  5. well the first comments was from me.. I didn't notice that i'm logged with another acc

    I'm sharing my Google reader items and all Safia Speaks posts too. if your don't mind sister Safia.
    so Khadijateri u can re-read..
    That's why I like Google reader, u can read the post even after one minute the author delete it

  6. Alhamdulellah that sis Safia is well, I was concerend too.
    I am already missing your blog and I hope inshaAllah that you come back soon, I cant remember a day that I didnt check your blog for updates. May Allah help you and be with you sister Safia and thanks to sis Khadija.

  7. Yes, I enjoyed Safia's blog as well. I will certainly keep your gang in my prayers. Sandi

  8. Hi Safia,
    This is regarding Knud Holmboe.
    The little Libyan boy named Mohamed is actually my uncle from my Mother side. His full name is Mohamed Al Wakwak. He passed away last year, 2009 in Zintan city. He left 5 sons and one daughter and many grand children.
    May Allah bless his soul; he used to tell us a lot about his trip with Knud and all the adventures and hard times they went through. One day, one family member found the book in a library in Tripoli and brought it to Uncle Mohamed. He was so happy to know that a book was written about the trip and was amazed to see his only pictures at that age!
    The book was excellent but listening to Uncle Mohamed telling the story was a real thrill!!
    Uncle Mohamed was also a famous Poet and a well respected personality in Zintan city and the surrounding area.
    His Father, one of the ten freedom fighters executed by Italians is buried in Zintan city.
    A monument was built in Zintan city to commemorate these 10 martyrs killed at the same day.
    Please, I'd appreciate it, if anyone can send me emails or addresses of any of Knud's family members.


    Abdusalam Twati
    P.O.Box: 91334
    Tripoli, Libya
    Tel: (92)594-2480


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