Friday, January 18, 2008

Bad Weather and a Shopping Crisis

My weekend plans collapsed under the buckets of rain that fell from the skies. Thursday we hung around the house mostly but decided to go out to Cinnabon in the evening to get a change in scenery.

Friday's plan was to go to the mountains - more rain. Instead of a hike in the hills the kids watched TV in the living room and I ended up in my bedroom watching the movie 'The Kingdom'... a power-packed propaganda film... uuugh.

Later in the evening we took a drive around the neighbourhood because I needed to pick some things up from the supermarket and pharmacy. We drove down Jaraba Street and found the walls in between the shops splashed with red paint; marking that the shops would be torn down, some of them going as far back as 7 metres. It makes absolutely no sense to me to tear down probably one of the nicest shopping districts in the area... but then nothing that happens in Libya makes much sense to me most of the time.... sigh...

The weather-ruined weekend and the thought of demolition is depressing. Still one day left of the weekend... see what happens tomorrow.


  1. Hey Cousin Teri, it's your cousin Laura from Michigan. Your mom gave me your blog address a while back and it's been fun to get a glimpse of your life in Libya. Your weekend sounds miserable. If it's any consolation it is ranging from 18-31 degrees F here in Michigan this weekend. Brrrrr! I don't have much ambition to go out and do anything either. You wouldn't by chance be planning to come to a certain family reunion here in the states this June, would you? It would sure be great to see you and meet your family. Love your blog!

  2. Loved the rain too , but the wind blowing in gales through the ceranti ( shutters) , windows , and the doors nearly caused us to freeze our a--'s off !Now I need to go shopping too, but what to do ? All the roads I have to drive down are a sea of muddy clay waiting to ambush my car !Oh dear !

  3. In every Tripoli street there’s a flood
    It's raining & raising the pressure of my blood

    The officials preparing their ammunition
    To start the madness of daily demolition

    These are the people we call Kharaba
    Going to destroy our shopping street of Jaraba

    Planned a trip with my kids to the mountain
    But we stuck watching rain pouring like fountains

    I said to hell with it n’ whatever will be will be
    Instead of a hike in the hills the kids watched TV

    Rain ruined our weekend
    The thought of demolition is depressing.

    Still one day left of the weekend
    Hope we will not be another dead-end

  4. Laura... 18 degrees! Yikes! It's 50 degrees F here today... band I'm as snug as a bug in a rug inside the house where it's warm and dry. Not sure yet about June, but it's a possibility.

    On the edge... I would come to visit you but I think my car would get stuck. Plug your phone in we will have to visit that way instead.

    Mahmud... another poem! Thanks! You are definitely in a creative mood these days. :)

  5. da demolition works just started 2day

  6. Ahhh, Cinnabon has arrived in Libya. That's gr8! So, did you have over a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Enjoy the cold weather before the summer heat arrives!


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