Sunday, January 27, 2008

Now that's a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into...

What was once a high traffic shopping area has become a high traffic mess. Jaraba Street is being torn down left and right. A few shops are left selling merchandise - actually they aren't really shops because they have no windows or doors - just a shell of a space amidst the rubble.

Why they are letting people into the area is a mystery to me. And why anyone would want to go there is another mystery. Does anyone think of their safety? Broken bits of cement, shards of glass, electrical wires poking out every which way and buildings that look as though they will collapse at any minute, not to mention heavy equipment, bulldozers and workers banging away at the rubble. Here you find the stupidest people walking about - women and men along with their families, including small children; all of them looking in the few remaining shops for some kind of bargain.

What are they thinking? Ahhh... the stupidity of it all.... sigh...


  1. Show us a picture of all the stupid people !!!!! Show us , show us , show us !!!!!!!Where's the pictures ?

  2. i think its say stupid pepole its so strong word maybe no have culture this people anway u say true abaut this just i have comment abut this word (stupid)
    thanks for topic sis khadija i wich u posting picture abaut this
    good luck

  3. why do you comment this way, On the edge?, its so inappropriate.

  4. absi.... it is just plain stupid to be wandering about on a demolition site. Even workers in the area should be properly attired (hard hats, boots, etc) while they are working on site. These are just basic safety procedures... common sense would tell someone to stay off a demolition site - it has nothing whatsoever to do with culture... plain and simply - it's stupidity.

    On the edge... no way was I going to risk my safety by hanging around .



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