Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School holidays... what to do?

The kids have a 15-day holiday from school and they have spent it so far just hanging about the house, getting under my feet and driving me insane. I promised them I would take them someplace this weekend. I'm taking an extra day off work partly to keep the kids happy and partly because it coincided with the Muslim holiday of Ashura; meaning most of the students wouldn't bother to show up that day anyway.

We're still not sure what we'll do with our extended weekend. As usual no one seems bothered by the lack of definite plans but me.


  1. Take them out to nadij tefl in Gargaresh. They can play and stuff themselves with hamburger and mashrub. We have been there today and my children were completly happy!!

  2. I don't wanna go to school no more.
    I don't wanna know my score
    I just want to hang around the house
    My mom’s chasing me like a mouse

    No more science, and history
    English is just a Greek to me
    No more teachers, no PE
    No more parents killing me

    15 yummy days with no school
    Will drive our dad crazy or mahbool
    Ashura is here with lot’s of fool
    Mom take us to a swimming pool

  3. weekend? still raining & raining
    wish you happy long weekend & ashoura to you and your family


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