Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Moody weather

The weather is driving me crazy. Last week it rained and I was so happy because I like rain. Two days ago it was hot and I had worn a sweater thinking it was going to be chilly. I ended up feeling miserable. Today the weather is still undecided - it looks like it might rain... but then maybe it won't.

Jenna makes me check the Yahoo Weather Widget every morning before she goes to school so she knows which coat to put on and whether she should wear a sweater or not. Today I told her 'Changeable! The weather is changeable today!'.

I am hoping it rains again. My raincoat is hanging on the door waiting to be worn again.

Let it rain..............

(How sad... my life is so dull I have taken to blogging about the weather...hehe)


  1. Hi!

    I am your friend from Malta. I am sorry to hear that your life is dull. There are many people around you, and reads your blog, however not always write back. So try to write about something new, like let us know how to cook Kuskus the Libyan way.


  2. Try doing the rain dance with the children...it might help. Otherwise I can send you some over from Holland.

  3. Talking about Rain, We had 8 inches of rain in 2 days ( Walnut Creek, CA, USA ), That was My motive to search for DRY Lands , I found You and Mustafa .
    Last Time I was in Tripoli ( Trapolis) was 1972, I was only 16 ,
    Sure like to go back and look at the beach, even if its stormy /raining .
    Your Blog and web site is an asset to libya .
    Ask Mustafa if he ever heard of " Ali Alzagozi" , 40s -70s Libya's Soccer champ , He Is My uncle .

    I have a story to tell about Me My uncle, Rain and Stormy weather.

  4. In the Netherlands we tend to talk about 5 times a day about the weather (and it is almost never nice, check yahoo). Mostly we are complaining.

    Are we a boring country?
    In a way, maybe I guess

    Came by accident on your blog and having travelled in middle-east arab countries I find it familiar, interesting and funny! (I liked the part about having lived to long in an arab country, very familiar)
    Keep blogging, I keep reading



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