Thursday, January 31, 2008

The great road trip

When I was a kid my father would pile us all in the car and off we'd go on some adventure or another. My husband is so unlike my father in this way. He has to be dragged, practically kicking and screaming, to go any further then a ten minute drive. Once he gets where he's going he's happy and says 'We should have done this ages ago'. God alone knows how he made it to America.

I have been itching for an adventure. Life has become so ho-hum these days. Our weekends have been plagued with bad weather. It's time for a trip... somewhere... anywhere...


  1. Ahh,, your husband is just like my father, after dragging him to go out, and really thinks that we should do it again, Next time !! , you have to insist and drag and go through that tragedy again..

    I do not understand, how he was the guy who travelled for adventures with all the stories he tell us!!
    i pray to Allah , i don't get married to a guy like this,,,

  2. I know the feeling very well. But have you ever returned from such a trip only to find that that wasn't the answer either. The problem lies in the everyday routine and it's right there waiting for you when you return. I've never found a real solution, but the feeling usually passes.

  3. Remember when we would leave in the middle of the night, Two of us on the back seat, and two on the floor. With our coats as pillows and our blankets to keep us warm. It seems we were always heading to Florida.
    Those were some great times.
    Love you

  4. i remember going thru the mountains in the station wagon ..... and krissy in the way back ... no car seat needed.... we always seemed to have a fun time... maybe we just needed a break from the ho hum of the every day....hugs holly and the kids

  5. i have a wife who have five sisters if i go along with my wifes wishes i would do nothing but pay visits,each day there is something happening with this relative or the other i think ur husband is lucky he doesnt have inlaws to visit practically every day

  6. You can come visit your mother and sister... I need a doula.


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