Saturday, December 29, 2007

Teenagers are driving me crazy!

'Yusef! You get out of my car right now!' I shout. 'But Mom, I'm only sitting in the car listening to music.' he answers back.

Lately Yusef has this idea that he can go off in my car for a joy ride every time he sees it parked in front of our building. When he's not riding around in my car he's sitting in it with his cousin listening to music.

'You are only thirteen years old! You get out of the car this instant!' I say in a loud and irritated voice. 'I'm fourteen!' says Yusef. 'You are NOT fourteen. Your birthday is not until next month and even so you are still not old enough to drive a car!'

Yusef has been practicing driving his father's truck around the farm. Two weeks ago, on the second day of Eid he lost control of the truck and drove it into a tree, much to the displeasure of his father.

Last night Yusef came in to tell me that he had moved my car in order to wash it and scraped it on the gate. 'It's dark outside Yusef! You never want to wash the car in the daylight. What makes you think I would believe that you would wash the car after dark?' I asked in total disbelief. I'm afraid to go out and look at what he claims is a 'small scrape'. 'Oh, and I knocked my head against the rear-view mirror and it fell off. But it should be easy to fix.' Yusef said sheepishly. How do you knock your head against the rear-view mirror I wondered.

Am I supposed to keep my car keys stuffed safely in my bra? How do you beat your son when he towers above you? I hate shouting at the kids... everyone in the neighbourhood can hear.

Yusef is downstairs 'fixing' the mirror. I can hear that he has turned on the car. He's revving the engine. I'm gonna kill that boy!

I am so fed up with the drama caused by teenagers... sigh


  1. I've been through it too dear. May you have patience to not kill him lol....
    Teenagers are not to be blamed, I think . Due to their bodies changing ever so rapidly and resembling adults we tend to expect more from them forgetting that they are young teenagers and have to have their share of fun.

    Think about when you were a teenager ? If you were a quiet one then your parents were very lucky but if on the contrary well ......

    Take care

  2. you need a big stick or a rubber hose like mom had. i do beleive we were all taller then mom but she had that darn hose. hugs holly and the kids

  3. Holly...

    Mom is taller than me and I am taller than We could outrun her when she had that darn hose, and when ran through the dining room and threw a chair in her path it threw her all off kilter. She didn't know where to run or where to hit... hehehe...

    poor mom!

  4. Hi! I have a seventeen and half year old daughter. She also wants the world to go around her, instead the other way round. She workded during last summer holidays and hopefully, she will be working during this summer holidays. She will try to save, at least, to buy a second hand car or make a deposit on a new one. I try to make her responsible for her actions. It is not easy. Very often we argue about million things. But, but ... we must remember that when we were young, we had our share to make our parents worry about us.
    Take care and keep calm.

    from Malta.

  5. salam.
    i think ur son trying to tell u some thing, or he is challenging both of u ,i only can speak 4 the car, why do do not u get two sets of keys one is real and the other is false,and keep the false keys hanging up . hide the real once a way and see what happen.i like the one abt the mirror ,did he hurt his head ,gd luck


    PS.............A hose?????????

  7. Dear Khadija
    Teenager is a teenager, knowing that neither his mother nor his father would cause him or her any harm so no matter what you do is not going to change them, but there is a fact which is "a car is like a gun could kill people" ask yourself this question What would you do if your son drives your car and kill somebody or kills himself, you will be so devastated and the you’re the only person to blame. In the United States the law says "the parents are responsible and liable for the actions of their children"
    Here's a tip like they do here in US, install an On/Off switch to the ignition under the dashboard or under your seat so your son or anyone else wouldn't dare to mess with your car.
    Another thing make them watch "Leave it to Beaver" it's a good show for teaching children how to respect their parents and not to do the wrong things.

  8. I have good news and some bad news . I will go with the good 1st ..... They will grow up and leave home , eventually. The bad news is ... IF you are lucky !!!!!! Oh , oh , that may be years from now . Poor you , so sorry . Guess you better encourage them to run away !Help them pack their suitcases ? Tee Hee !

  9. Ha ha ha, in my early teens, when my dad used to leave me alone in the car, I always hit the rear-view mirror with my head as I move from the back seat to the front one, and when he asked me if I had come in front, I always said no, to which he always replied "what happened to the mirror then?!!"
    I used to play with the driving wheel, but never had the guts to start the engine, ibrahim seems to be naughty, lol.


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