Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Survived :)

We got to the farm to see the last of the frost on some of the plants. We found a piece of cardboard that had been laying on the grass that was still completely covered in frost, glittering in the morning sunlight. After a while the weather warmed up and Eid went smoothly.

This is a first for us - The first Eid by ourselves (in 19 years). We've always done Eid with the entire family. Every year the family seems to get bigger, and noisier, and with that Eid becomes an unpleasant experience. This year we decided it was time to go it alone and it was wonderful. No crabby sister-in-laws or screaming babies, and best of all no brother-in-laws hanging about, so the girls and I could wear what we liked and leave our hair uncovered. Yeah!!!!

Hubby and the boys slaughtered the lamb and then we got to work. Nora cleaned out the intestines and stomach and we sent it off to my mother-in-law's house so they could make usban (Libyan sausage). I chopped up meat for the freezer, made igliyah (Libyan fried meat), and sliced up meat and hung it up for drying (gadeed). We stuffed ourselves with grilled meat and we ate macrona umbakbaka too. After we were finished with the meat and everything was cleaned up we took showers and then went to give Eid greetings to my in-laws.

I think this is the best first day of Eid we've ever had in Libya. I hope the rest of Eid is just as nice too.


  1. Eid Mubark..
    I wish u all a very happy n peacful Eid..ViCtOr

  2. Happy Ied. I am glad your day went well this year. Tell everyone I said Hi.

  3. wish you happy and Eid Mubarak and enjoy the rest of Eid with family & friends.
    May allah bless you and give you happiness and barakah in your life and make the coming days much better than the past ones aameen.

  4. A Happy and Joyous Eid to you and your family.

  5. We had a lovely Eid also . It is nice with the family's , but sometimes it is really nice to do things as a small family unit alone with just your husband and kids too . So nice to initiate your new home with this special day and so much joy .

  6. EID MUBARIK and may allah accpet our prayers and forgive us,

    Fe Aman allah

  7. eid mubarak!
    eid in libya especially eid aladha is always the hardest especially with all the family around, but for those who arent used to it (like me) it can be a pleasent experience
    alhamdulilah u guyz enjoyed urselves
    inshallah every eid is as pleasent as this one.

  8. Hi Glad you had a good Eid. Ours went well too although a bit sad as it was the first one without my father in law (God rest his soul)
    Plenty of meat on the first day and the second day for Ospan!
    God bless and hopes for many more years of happiness for you and your family

  9. salam
    so pleased that u all had gr8 times and less family headache , u seem so exciting that just u and ur family spent the eid at the farm ,its so peaceful place to be,
    u can relax and have fun to,feel free ,ur realy getting good in libyans food,

  10. Eid Mubarak to you and the family! Nice to know you had a quiet Eid! Very rare that is in Libya.

  11. What a surprise! Again with the disrespect of your husband! How dare you not want to sit in the 'womens' tent with all the breast feeding mothers who are bitching about their mother in law, and 36 children running around with no hope of controlling because discipline is a foreign concept to Muslim children living in Muslim countries. There's a reason expats refer to Libyan chilren as "airbags" ...Libyans think seatbelts are a sign of weakeness...oh..and it prolly messess up the whole...en sha alla thing. That'd mean you have to take some personal responsibility....God Forbid...

  12. Tankgirl, you're bad, very bad. I love it! He! He!

  13. Eid Mubarak, and glad it went smooth

  14. A belated Eid Adha Mabrouk Khadijateri !

    It is so sad to hear that in the past 19 years you never had a pleasant Eid. I am so happy for you though that you managed to finally have a great Eid in Libya :P


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