Friday, December 14, 2007

Pioneer Spirit

A friend of mine and I were talking a few years ago about how women who migrate to foreign lands to be with their husbands had a kind of pioneer spirit about them. Not everyone is ready to give up the life they know and plunge themselves into a completely different culture to live out their lives. It takes a certain special kind of woman to be able to survive.

It's not even necessary to go halfway around the world to do that. I've spoken to women from Benghazi who moved to Tripoli to be with their husbands and they go through many of the same changes and feelings even though they are still within their own country. Lately I've been reading this Blog: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and I am enjoying the similarities of thoughts and feelings. The stories and photography are really great!

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  1. Thanks for pointing out her blog. I have really enjoyed it and love the photography and photoshop posts. Even though I hate photoshop. :-p

    Maybe you are right about the "pioneer spirit" idea. As a child I loved the "Little House" books and the TV show and "Caddie Woodlawn". Sometimes I feel like I am living that life now, when we have to huddle around a space heater fire to keep warm, or in the summer when the water runs out almost weekly and I am hauling buckets! hmmm.... it seemed so romantic in the books!


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