Saturday, December 08, 2007

Recovered from gas pains

The gasoline situation seems to be sorting itself out. Last night I went out to find long, long lines at some of the gas stations in my area and other places were completely closed. I didn't bother to get in line. Today I went out and found the gas stations busier than usual but not too bad - so I got in line and filled up.

Sara and I were on the hunt for a winter coat for her to wear. She has a perfectly good, warm brown coat sitting in her closet but the school has decided that they can wear only navy blue or black. We looked high and low and found hardly anything - most were poor quality and wouldn't be warm enough. In one shop I found a man's coat - black, warm, excellent quality and it would fit her. But Sara said 'I am not going to wear a man's coat!'. I bought it anyway figuring either Nora or Yusef would wear it and because the price was right. Of course Nora was delighted with it when she saw it and then Sara decided she wanted one too...sigh... She'll have to get her father to take her for it - I am shopped out for the day.


  1. Does anybody know when the next school holidays will be? The teacher in the school of my son aren't shure.. Sometimes in January, but the exact date??? We recently moved to Libya,is it always like this?

  2. YES! It's always like this. It annoys the hell out of me. But Libyans don't seemed to be fazed about it in the least.


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