Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting back to a regular routine

Eid is over and we're back to a regular schedule today. I've been trying to straighten up the house and get everything organized again. All the pots and pans and other kitchen things we dragged to the farm have been washed and put back in their places.

What is killing me is the laundry... piles and piles of it! Eight people create lots of laundry. I've been doing it for the last two days. The poor washing machine is ready to surrender. My plan has been to buy a new one when we move. But of course I thought we would have moved ages and ages ago (like at least a year ago or more) .

This morning I took hubby over to the washing machine and pointed out to him that it wasn't going to hold out much longer. Get yourself ready to shell out for a new one soon was my hint for the day. He wanted to know exactly what the problem was... I think he is thinking about hunting down parts for it. The machine has been part of our family for about 12 years. It's surprising that I haven't given it a name.

Back to the laundry.....


  1. salam
    good to hear that u guyz are still in one piece,
    the mess of the after always the most tiring. ..
    MR. HUBBY get her a new washing machine. my god 12 years is a long time..i bet for sure the machine is begging to be replaced..
    hope u finish ur laundry and inshallah the next time around u will have ur new one...
    take care

  2. LOL...good one, well, at least u have one....cuz I don' I do my laundry at my in-laws, so I have nice fancy dufflebag and a big shopping bag, one for da colored one for da whites...good thing they have a dryer so it's not a pain to bring them wet to hang at
    i guess u r lucky

  3. Parts!? The handy man you married, isn't all that "handy". He's better off just buying a new machine!

  4. Surprised that it has lasted this long!

    Mashaallah. Save the new one for the new house. Who would want to load an old appliance down the steep stairs and up onto the moving truck! ;-)

  5. Oh sis K, how i understand what you are going thru!!!

    My laundry machine is broke, and despite threats and beggings to the janitor at my building it hasn´t been fixed for weeks.

    So, for weeks I´ll have to carry basket after basket down 4 stories into da basement, using the public laundromat, then carrying da stuff up again - I have children, but hell if they wanna help their mother with that task!

    May i give you an advice? Destroy the old laundry machine so much your husband can´t "just" buy parts but has to buy a new one!!!
    Good luck to you!

  6. MASHALLAH 12 yrs! yah you need a new one, what if it breaks down on you while laundry keeps piling.. you'll be buried in dirty clothes!!
    There is only Hubby, Mero and myself and I do laundry every day, sometimes I don't bother folding the clean cuz they'll go back in the basket the next day!

  7. Thinking seriously of breaking the machine completely... but not until I find the perfect replacement in the shop so I can have a quick transition.

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  9. I have a few odds socks to help sabotage the poor thing if you want . That always seemed to help out on my old washer . Socks were always going AWOL , only to be found wend around the innards somewhere ... after they had stopped it from working .Let me know , lol !


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