Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ghat Festival?

Isn't the Ghat Festival coming up? They never advertise these things and you don't find out about them until after they are over. I know it's sometime the end of December... anyone know when? I want to go.



  1. u know who can take arabic tuitions in english for a foreigner?u can even direct me to a contact who can give me a paid answer

  2. What is the Ghat festival? Moving to Libya pretty soon so that will give something to do?!

  3. Ok Teri, What is GHAT? Even my hubby had no idea what you were talking about. I know the Eid is coming so Happy eid to everyone. Mine will be as usual. Him working and us sitting at home. I do miss Libya. Ramadan and two Eids everything else is not Islam.

  4. Old Mama - Ghat is a city in Libya and every year they host a festival.

    just30 - I haven't a clue.

    bugsbunny - thanks!


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