Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm back in business!

The phone is working again and the internet too. Now can someone please tell me what to do to get LTT to credit me for a week of unused internet time??


  1. read the contract again Khadijateri.
    and welcome back

  2. Yes but if consumers aren't happy with the terms of the contract they should be able to seek a change for it's terms ...

  3. Good luck getting credit!
    I am glad to see you up and running!!

  4. how long did it take for you to get connected to the cyber world? 8)

  5. you are in Libya not in USA, it's not same roles in Libya and USA.
    the LTT can do everything, person can't do anything.

  6. Khadija

    I lived in Colina Verde in the late 60's. With the amazing growth and development of Tripoli since the revolution, I cannot find my old neighborhood on Google Earth.

    I believe Colina Verde was on the old airport road.

    Can you give me Google Earth coordinates or other landmarks that might help me find my old home?

    Many thanks.


  7. I'm not sure where Colina Verde is.

  8. Colina Verde was in between on the road to RAF Idris just outside Tripoli itself. There was a Libyan army barracks there.
    I think Colina Verde refered to the area mainly used by service families from RAF Idris and the US base at Wheelus Field (originally called Mellaha)
    I was living with my parents in Colina Verde around 1956/58 and went to the British Military School.

  9. I also lived in Colina Verde as a child and would like to find this location on the maps. We lived in a small house from 1953 to 1955 on about 1 acre of property, which was called "Villina Rocca." There was an Italian church on a hill at a crossroads about 3 houses from ours and a small school on the opposite side of the street. In order to get to Tripoli, we had to drive through a wadi, which sometimes flooded so that we had to make a very long detour. The area was very rural at the time.

    I attended an Italian school in Tripoli and would usually return home on public transportation. The bus driver would call out ‘Colina Verde’ at my destination. I then walked for 10-20 minutes to get to my home, as there was no bus service that far.

    My mother told me that Colina Verde was south of Tripoli, about 3-4 km. from town. I wonder if the two bloggers found anything on the Google Map since this exchange was published.

  10. Hi
    For those of you trying to figure out Collina Verdi. You can google map it under "Hadba el Khadra" as it is now called. I was born in Collina Verdi in the beg. of the 60's and lived there till 1976. I returned to an unrecognizable "Hada el Khadra" in 1989 however was relocated to europe in 1996. Will probably be going back on a business trip in April this year and according to what I hear and googled, The main street is a thriving business street. Can't wait to see it again!


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