Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Setting myself up for a guilt trip

It's a new year, so does that mean it's time to make a fresh start? New Year resolutions? Should I make one, some, a few? Will they only be broken and then lead to feelings of guilt?

I've thought about it, seriously, I have. If I was going to make any resolutions it would have to be a list - one is certainly never enough. The list would look something like this:

  • 1. Stick to a diet.
  • 2. Exercise more.
  • 3. Be patient with my children.
  • 4. Be more assertive with my husband (threaten to leave if the house is not finished soon).
  • 5. Spend more time with my friends.
  • 6. Spend more time in worship (sigh... this one should probably be up at the top).
  • 7. Spend less time messing about on the computer.
  • 8. Drink less coffee.
  • 9. Stop spending money on frivolous, unnecessary junk.
  • 10. Spend more time in the kitchen preparing wonderful meals instead of the usual crappy Libyan food that I make because I am lazy. ...sigh... sorry to say it but Libyan food is for lazy people with no imaginations...sigh..
  • 11. Take less stabs at my poor in-laws, and Libyans in general (aw, but it's so useful to get it off my chest sometimes).

  • 12. Read more. It seems since I read online I seldom take the time to read off line, just for pleasure.

These are just a few, off the top of my head. But I'm not going to subject myself to New Year's resolutions... it would just lead to a huge guilt trip and I know that I could do without that. So I'll just try my best to be my best this year and leave it at that.

Happy New Year to you all.



    I thought Libyan food was very creative and takes allot of time to prepare. AND, when I saw you drying lamb on the line; that ids allot of work. I think you sell yourself short..........

    My husband has been helping me about spending NOT spending $. He usually goes with me, and ask me"DO YOU WANT OR NEED IT?

    WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT IT, AND WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO "USE" IT. SO, I HAVE A PIGGY BANK THAT I PUT MY $$$$'S IN, THAT I 'DID NOT' SPEND FRIVOUSLY. It really adds up and I can save for something "I" saved for, and now I don't have to "ask" if I "can". Now we discuss what I want to really buy. Sounds like I'm talking in circles.....I am, ha!

  2. Dried meat doesn't really take that much time to make - and it's used for fixing quick cooking meals. Most Libyan food is quite simple, almost everything uses the same ingredients and takes only one or two pots to cook it in. Put it all together and put it on the stove - it basically cooks by itself. Cous Cous, macaroni, rice - they all taste basically the same.... boring.

    If I don't spend my money my kids will spend it for me... lol

  3. eUh oh - new year resolutions!

    It is very true that since I started blogging, I found I´ve been reading less, books that is. I used to read a book every day and mostly people would find me buried in a book.Now they find me buried in the laptop.

    Problem is, there are so many things to explore and read on the Net, especially since I´ve managed to collect a vast e-book library and have started reading e-books on my PDA.

    More worship, yes! Going for an umra, yes! Forget the diet; eat lotsa greens and meat, slow down the starches and walk and excercise every day.

    However, I think you should stick to one resolution at a time. That will make you less angry once you´ve jumped the resolutions in a few days time.
    Trust me, I know...

    Happy new year!

    PS...Libyan food is BORING?????? You should add "spend more time with Mum-in-law" ;-)

  4. Oh come on KhadijaTeri !!
    If you made all those changes and stuck to them no one would know who you are!! You are perfect just the way God made you!!

  5. Happy New Year.....
    I laughed when I read your resolutions...I think everyone has the very same resolutions on their list......what I've tried doing for the last couple of years to soothe the guilt away is write down just one or two specific things to do under those general resolutions....so instead of saying..."learn to use photoshop on my pictures"....my plan is to 1) buy and download adobe photoshop 2) go through 2 training manuals from the library. That's it....if I do more (which I usually do) I feel GREAT...lol..lol....so why beat yourself up....be happy...find just a few specific things to accomplish....you'll still have improved yourself and moved ahead in life....just in smaller steps!!


  6. Another guilt trip? I am denouncing the treatment of 3 Lybians and many other migrants in Holland.
    read my Open Letter here: http://www.vertrokkengezichten.net
    title: Relieve us of this burden of shame.

    best wishes to u all


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