Tuesday, January 02, 2007


There's been an answer to Where is this? - #15

Have a look - I've added more pictures.

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  1. When we moved here in the 70's that was a beautiful farm and not a house for miles .Then we moved back in 90, found the land around it settled some , now pretty much built up to almost no farm at all . We investigated perchasing the chaple to convert into a house until ... one of the boys from around here told my oldest son that the people around here felt that the chapel was inhabited by a legion of D'Jenns JUST WAITING for a American to move in so they could posses them . This came out in a exercisum here in Tagura . So we decided to pass on the chapel . I am thinking that things have become too busy for them around there now a days and they surely have moved on ! FYI : there is another small chapel in better condition further down the same road on the right , opppisite the beach , behind a villa . I think it has been restored . Syd


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