Sunday, January 14, 2007


The kids are nearly finished with their mid-term exams; some finish today and some tomorrow. Then the kids will have two-weeks off.

So far we haven't planned anything. Adam was talking about going to Egypt to see the pyramids and I said 'Go for it!' to which he replied with his palm outstretched, 'Money mom?' His father and I are discussing whether to give him money to go or not. Adam's got some money saved up but not enough and the anticipation of having a trip has Adam falling over himself to be nice, polite and do whatever he's told. That will definitely change if we decide there won't be a trip to Egypt!

The neighbour upstairs is continuing to bang away all day long. I can't imagine what on earth they have left to break - it's been over two months now and it's only a small two bedroom flat. Last night Nora was taking a shower and felt drops of cold water falling on her from above and looked up to find the ceiling covered with drops of water. The area above the bathtub upstairs has a leak. Uuuugghh! As far as I know they have completed the bathroom, including all the tile. Mustafa will have to go and tell them about the leak and hope that they will fix it. They'll have to rip out all the work they've done up there.

Our house is progressing at a snail's pace. The fruit trees on the farm are all being pruned so the work on the house has come to a standstill. The house can wait, the trees cannot. Mustafa's carpel tunnel syndrome is being aggravated by the pruning shears and the pain is making him grumpy. I don't dare ask about the progress of the house because he'll only snap at me!

It's hard to be patient.... but I'm doing my best.


  1. Can't he use a pruning blade? Like a small saw. I have one where you can pull a cord and it cuts branches up to two inches in diameter. Maybe you don't have them there. Seems like you just have all the fun. :)

  2. Old momma - no matter what you use there will be repetitive movement and it will cause strain... there are hundreds of tree to trim, not just a few.


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