Friday, October 07, 2005

Today was the fourth day of Ramadan and it was also a Friday. We decided to take a drive and ended up in Tajoura. We had Jenna and Ibrahim along with us and they couldn't resist jumping into the sea for a dip. They didn't have any clothes with them but I said what the heck - go for it!

While the kids where swimming I took a look around the area. During the summer months local investors rent out spaces on the beach for the Libyan people's use. Unfortunately they leave behind all their garbage and turn the beach into an environmental disaster. I can not understand how Libyans can have such a poor attitude about the garbage they create. Do they think that some one will be coming around behind them to clean their mess? It's appalling!

At the entrance to the area we found this sign. It says: 'Cleanliness is part of faith' - Either they don't care about cleanliness or they think very little of their faith (or maybe both). So sad.

Here's another sign we came across:
'The organization committee of the ties of youth
The Suk Juma tie of youth resort
Greetings of love and faithfulness to the maker of the era of the masses'
- hmmm two signs with words about faith in the same area (but different kinds of faith)

When you look past the garbage the view is quite nice. Here are some fishermen.

Time to go home - We pour water over the kids to get as much of the sand and salt off and then we throw them into the back seat and head for home. Posted by Picasa


  1. Ramdan mubarak to you and the family!

    I like the pictures and your perspective, very reflective of reality in Libya. You ask "Do they think that some one will be coming around behind them to clean their mess?" You must have noticed by now that's the Libyans' attitude toward everything: somebody will take care of things for them. It bugs me to the extreme.

  2. Same problem in saudi with trash. To sum up Jeddah its "ghamama" Trash. So sad what people do, they have really nice corniche (beach front) areas here but within a month of opening it full of trash. Garbage bins everywhere.. but no one uses them I just don't understand it.And after Eid time.. forget it.. so disgusting.

    ok a request.. an easy dish you usually cook during ramadhan :) I posted a lentil soup recipe.. so what do you cook that is easy (yes easy please.. lol)

  3. I agree Khadijateri ... Libyan's have no responsible attitude .. I wonder why sometimes ? Could it still be a remnant from our 'affluent' era in the 70s .. that foreign labout will pick after us .. argh makes me mad .

  4. Tghe affluent era of the 70s was over thirty years ago!! What are Libyans learning - they've had thirty years to learn how to pick up after themselves . . . . sigh!

  5. Hi,
    thanks for the comment..... its really cool to read your blog and those which are linked to you..... i've linked you to my blog too... i hope you don't mind....

    its nice to read all about tripoli and prepare myself mentally for living there.....

    i can't wait to go...

    Ramadan Kareem to you and your family


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