Thursday, October 20, 2005

I feel as though I have been on a treadmill!

Wake up.
Get the kids off to school.
Start in on laundry and housework.
Get in the kitchen and cook, cook, cook.
Yell at the kids about doing their homework.
More cleaning.
More cooking.
Not enough sleep!

The girls have been pretty good with helping out, but I have had to push them a bit to get them away from the television.

In between all the cooking and cleaning we've been trying to get all the little things done that I won't have time for once I start back to work after Ramadan.

I've been back and forth to the dentist getting three crowns at once. I hate going to the dentist. While the dentist was filing down my teeth into little pegs getting them ready for the crowns he asks me if it hurt - I said the noise hurts! If only they could make the equipment quieter. I hate that noise. I have to go back on Saturday and because of Ramadan the appointment is at 11:30 pm. I may be spending the night at the dentist. I wonder if I should wear my pajamas.

Mustafa has been going to the doctor because he is being switched from tablets to insulin shots. This is a big step for him. One that he should have taken long ago but he had been in denial and kept thinking that having sugar levels of +300 wasn't that bad. He had all kinds of tests and they found his cholesterol level is high too, and his blood pressure is borderline high. The thing that gets to me is that he acts surprised by all this. I mean come on - his father, grandfather and sister were diabetic, hypertensive and died of heart attacks and he has another sister that is in the same boat he is. I am sick to death of nagging him. Why are men such babies when it comes to their health?

Of course we are still taking Ibrahim for various tests. We went Tuesday only to be told that the equipment needed was locked up in a cabinet and someone had taken the key home with them - Please come back tomorrow. The next day I sent Mustafa and Ibrahim by themselves as I was sure if I went the key would still not be there. But the key was available and Ibrahim got some more tests. The results showed that he is way ahead of in some areas and about a year and a half behind in other areas. (I could have told them this without any tests). Now he needs further evaluation after Ramadan to find out in just exactly which areas he needs special help in. The doctor told Mustafa what the diagnoses was but of course he told him in Arabic. Now I want to go back and hear it all in English because we can't figure out what it is that he has by translating the words. - maybe next week.

The cats have had the limelight the last few days. Siyami has been in heat - yowling, meoooowing and rolling about doing all kinds of embarrassing things. And Leila our other cat had kittens - 4 of them - two died and two survived. Now we'll see if the kids leave the two survivors alone long enough to grow up.

I'm counting the days until the end of Ramadan - about 12 left to go!


  1. it is kind of weird, but i missed you.
    wow, you're in the middle of very heavy things to deal with. good luck!
    by the way, do you speak any arab?
    have a nice day!!!!!

  2. i'm sorry, i made a mistake, i guess! just because i'm not a blogger, i appear as anonymous?
    anyway... i'm leandra from brazil, but i live in switzerland!

  3. you have been busy Khadija:) with regards to Mustafa, all Libyan men are in denial about their health

  4. my dog is in heat too! she is just crazy these days.


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