Monday, October 31, 2005

news of the day

I think I've finally finished with the dentist. It seemed like I lived in that chair for a while. Hopefully I won't have to go back for a long time. I really hate going to the dentist!

Ramadan is almost coming to an end. The kids only need to buy shoes for Eid. They can do that with their father. The shops are so jammed packed it is unbelievable. 'Push & Shove' is the phrase of the day. I'm counting the minutes until it is over!

On another note:

I got some really depressing news. My friend's sisters were coming to visit Libya from the US but it seems that the current political situation isn't favourable and they cannot get a visa to get into Libya. They've had to cancel their trip.

On top of that I find out that Americans can't renew their passports at the US Liaison Office here - you have to go either to Tunisia or Malta to apply and then make a second trip to pick up the passport when it is ready. This is just ridiculous as we used to be able to do that from here (even when we had to do it through the Belgian embassy). What on earth is the Liaison Office there for anyway? I hope they straighten this out soon because my passport has about 7 months before it expires. Having two trips to Tunisia might sound nice, but it adds a ton to the cost of renewing your passport, not to mention the hassles of it all.

Why does it seem like things are going backwards instead of forwards? I guess we just take each day, one at a time. But I hate living that way - I like to know what the future will hold (at least a little bit anyway).

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