Sunday, October 02, 2005

meme challenge

This is meme challenge given to me by Highlander. I'm never very good at these things. Sometimes they make me realise how out of touch I am with what's going on in the real world outside my protected life here in Libya. But here I go - I'll give it a try:

Yesterday - see previous post. I am over being depressed about yesterday, but hanging about in bed and being lazy was pretty good therapy for me,it gave me time to think about things. The long walk and shopping also helped clear my mood - spending money is always uplifiting somehow!

1 year ago - At this stage in my life I find myself working (teaching English) as well as raising my kids. I dream at this stage that I will soon be living in the house that we are building (which is still a dream) Also a year ago a recent addition to my world is this blog.

5 years ago - 6 kids and at this time the last one was 2 years old. Almost finished with the days of diapering. I was working on projects with some friends at this stage of my life and actually having some contact with the adult world!

10 years ago - In the middle of raising small children - my oldest at that time was 6. I had four kids then, or was it five?

5 snacks I enjoy - 1. apples, especially if they are nice and crisp. 2. chocolate, especially when I'm suffering from pms. 3. coffee, especially in the morning. 4. Doritos, when I manage to find them here in Libya (which isn't often). 5. bread sticks that have lot's of sesame seeds.

5 songs I know all the words to - the national anthem (the USA one, not Libyan), lots of songs from girl scout camp (I know the words but not the names of the songs), and of course 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

5 things I would do with $100 million dollars - 1)finish building the house and furnishing it completely, 2)visit my family in the US - a long holiday where I would stop by ALL the family for a visit (it would be a Bert kind of thing) 3)lasix eye surgery so I could throw away my glasses. 4)buy a car with all the windows tinted black so I could drive around Libya without anyone seeing me - it would have a nice sunroof and I would take off my scarf and let the wind blow through my hair. 5)invest for the future

5 places I would run away to - 1) peru 2) my bedroom - it's where I ran away to yesterday 3) my imagination 4) my imagination 5) my imagination

5 things I would never wear - miniskirts, wigs, fishnet stockings, animal prints, flourescent colours

5 favorite tv shows - none, I hate TV

5 biggest joys - 1.watching my kids grow up and take responsibility for themselves 3.having my students get good marks on exams 4.watching the sea and other wide scenic views 5.peace and quiet

5 favorite toys - my computer, my digital camera, hmmm . . . can't think of anything else . . .

At this point I'm supposed to ask 5 people to take on this challenge - you know who you are - just do it!

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  1. HUM >>>>> What Watson ????? No Mention of Leather anywhere ???/ How Courious !!!!


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