Thursday, May 19, 2005

the weekend

The weekend is finally here - it has been a long week, mostly because I haven't felt very well. I never got particularly sick, I just never felt particularly well.

All the kids are finished with exams except Adam. He has another week left. Today Nora had her last exam and she wasn't home from school for more than two hours when I heard her make a big sigh . . and say 'I'm so bored. There's nothing to do.' How disgusting to hear such a thing so soon! I told her I could think of about 5 million things for her to do if she needed some help.

I've been playing with my blog - for some reason it won't show up on the RSS reader. When I try to validate the link it comes up with some error in the metadata. Anyone got any ideas on how to correct this . . . . or will it remain the mystery of my life?

Tomorrow - big plans: laundry, housework, cleaning out the storage room, more laundry, lesson plans, homework, more laundry. Mustafa is grumpy these days - I don't expect he will be much help around the house this weekend. Hopefully he will get out from under my feet and let me get on with the housework in peace . . . but you never know what he might have up his sleeve for the weekend . . . my housework plans might be blown away in the wind.


  1. Glad you did not get sick as for RSS i don't even know what it is and how it works :(

  2. many blogs and other websites, like news services are set up so they can be read with an RSS feedreader. I am trying out the service here: it will automatically keep track of the blogs and other pages yopu like and tell you when they are updated. this saves time as you only have to look at the pages when they are updated.

    In doing a bit of research I think the problem on my page is because I had been using microsoft Word to type out my blog and then cutting and pasting into the blog - For some reason microsoft Word adds invisible code that messes things up when the RSS feedreader tries to read the page and this makes the page invalid. I'm going to stop using Word and stick to Notepad.

  3. I use MS Word too and that is not a problem for me. Humm...You might want to scrape your blog template and start over again. I did that 2 months ago and that fixed many of my problems.

  4. I dont want to scrap my template - I just got it the way I like it. I am thinking to get the map thingy off - that might be messing things up a bit.


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