Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's like an oven out there!

Today was one of those scorching hot days that everyone in Libya dreads. The air was blowing so hot - like you had your head stuck in an oven. No one feels like doing much in this kind of weather - and even though I cooked lunch no one was interested in eating anything but salad and bread.

Poor husband was off working on the house. Actually he's been out purchasing marble to use around the window and door frames. I like marble, no I take that back - I love marble. We've been having the marble debate going lately - I want all marble floors put in the house and Mustafa is wanting marble only inthe public areas of the house and cheaper floor tiles in other areas. I hope I win this argument. But lately the weather is too hot to even want to argue much. Hopefully the weather will cool off enough for us to have a heated discussion about the subject!


  1. speaking of weather... we have had very strange weather here lately... we had about a week of very hot (ie. 85-90 degrees farenheit) with many brush fires due to drought conditions... then it went down below freezing for a week with lots of rain... then we got another really hot week (ie. wearing tank tops, shorts and sandals) and I swear, today it went from very hot this morning to below freezing by dinner time... and I got stuck down town with no jacket - I froze on the way home...

  2. Just imagine if you have to fast during the summer in Libya. I remember it was scorching hot and I nearly died of thirst. While I was studying at OCS, I used to fast untilthe end of the school day. Once I reach home I would break my fast. Anyway, I was still young then...grade 4-6. My friends were quite astonish to see an energetic girl during P.E. (that's me) am a floor hockey freak!

    To quench our thirst, we ate alot of fruits, watermelon, oranges, melon @ rock do miss Libya...blood that what you call them?


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