Friday, March 28, 2008

WiFi Wedding Halls

I made it through a busy week at work and three nights of weddings in the evenings. I would rush around all morning getting things done, then off to work and then make it home to jump in the shower and then quickly get dressed and out the door to attend the weddings. It was exhausting.

The first wedding was for the son of a friend and colleague and was actually quite nice. The music wasn't deafening and I saw lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while and shared a table with UT - so we had a chance to chat between songs and during dinner.

The other wedding was for a relative and was of the religious variety, meaning not particularly fancy because that would be a waste of money (haram) and because music is also haram there would only be Islamic nasheed played (a kind of music of voice accompanied by drum only). I find this really as just an opportunity for the women to gossip more (and isn't gossip considered haram too?) because they don't have the annoyingly loud music to shout over. My sister-in-law informed me that the wedding hall we were at was used by religious families because they didn't have music. Instead nasheed was being blasted over the speaker system and we sat at the table shouting to be heard over someone belting out a song about 'The Merciful and Most High'. It was weird.

Recently I got a cell phone - yes, yes, I have said all along how much I hate cell phones, but I decided to go for one that had WiFi so I could use it for the Internet. Most people complain 'I've been trying to get hold of you for ages but your phone is always turned off!' Most of the time the phone is turned off... but the WiFi is on. I've become WiFi Woman! So I was ever so pleased when I sat down at my table at the wedding to find there was an unsecured WiFi connection available. What better way to waste your time during a boring wedding? Sweet!

Unfortunately, the connection was weak.... very weak. I decided to see if the tables nearest the windows might give me a better signal. I'd gladly change tables. No luck. What a disapointment - even the signal in the bathroom was bad (yes I tried in there too - does that tell you how bored I was). But this is something to think about... wedding halls with WiFi... hmm.

After what seemed like forever they served us dinner. I noticed that an old lady sitting at my table was sneaking food into a bag she had under the table to bring home. I reached over and pushed the sugar bowl towards her and said 'Hajja, you might want to take this too. Sugar is up to a dinar a kilo in the stores these days.' My sister-in-law, who was sitting beside me, was trying so hard not to laugh and the old lady just glared at me. Are people so hungry that they have to take home food from a wedding? I guess wasting food is haram, but it just seems so tacky to sneak it into your bag to take home.

While at the wedding I filled up on all the gossip and found out that this year there are lots of weddings planned. I'll be kept busy with weddings... I hope they sort out the WiFi to help me get through them all ... lol


  1. Asalamualaikum,HA Ha!!!!!.I would trade my boring life for yours any day!!!Sarah L.

  2. Nice idea...I think it would definitely solve a lot of problems for bored guests but then wouldn't it be a bit rude if the whole hall were rooted to their laptops and just ignored the bride and groom...symptoms of the age :)

  3. Hi there - Re getting a mobile phone - yesterday I read the results from a series of studies that have been going on in several European countries and the long and the short of it is that prolonged use of mobiles IS thought to increase the risk of various brain tumours and cancers so while we may need a mobile - keep it turned off when not in use and keep conversations short - children are already addicted to their phones in Europe and there could be a big rise in brain tumours in ten years from now when they've all fried their brains for long enough!

  4. nice idea.
    but did you find Hot spot WiFi in tripoli?


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