Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here comes the bride....... BORING!

I've got two weddings to suffer through next week. Libyan weddings are BORING. They are all the same - the same food is served, the same music is played, the brides all look the same. BORING... sigh

I saw this (Great Wedding Moments) and laughed so hard.


  1. I remember sitting next to a women at a wedding when I went to visit you. Mind you she was Libyan. She said to me with a look of disgust, "My life is so boring. There's nothing to do here. Weddings are the most exciting thing we have to do here... Even that is real boring."

  2. Oh boy, I do not know what I’m going to do
    Help me, I've got two weddings to suffer through

    I could skip both if they do not know me by name
    Libyan weddings are boring. and are all the same

    Same food is served, and same music is played
    It takes a miracle to have both weddings delayed

    Nothing fun about it when the brides all look alike
    I could use my time at home or go on a useful hike

    When I got the invitations I got caught off guard
    I saw great wedding moments N’ laughed so hard

    I’m not making it up everything I said is true
    Just to tell about it and want you to know

    This is my boring situation to discuss with you
    If you have an idea or solution on what to do
    Jump in our wagon quick and share your view

  3. Hi Teri !

    I agree with you Libyan weddings are BORING !Listen one of my daughters will be getting married soon and we will have a ball.... Please come up with ideas ok ?

    Mahmoud you definetly are a poet.How do you do it ?

    Have alovely weekend!


  4. Awwww.. teri complains again!!
    well, i'll invite her to my wedding and i'll surprise her

  5. The main thing that bothers me at Libyan weddings is that the music is sooooo loud! Even though I would like to talk to people that I only see at these gatherings it's impossible because of the noise.

  6. ut
    I'm not a poet, I just like to write in rhymes and it comes natural.

  7. Kristen
    I bet you look even more cute when you're blushing.

    Happy Easter to you and to the family.

    PS. If you visit California stop by for a barbeque and a drink.

    Happy Holidays

  8. yes i went to a libyan wedding once and felt so underdressed near all the ladies...so the second time i bought a better dress..i must say i enjoyed the second one more cos the place was bigger and nicer..

  9. I find (close) family weddings are NEVER boring!!
    I kind of understand why they say no music for religious reasons....BUT how can you have a wedding without the dancing...especially granny dancing...it's just not the same!!:-)


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