Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sounds deafening!

The whole town sounds like it's under fire. The celebrations of Miloud are underway. The night before Prophet Mohamed's birthday is celebrated with fireworks. There are roadside stands along most streets selling all kinds of firecrackers, traditional drums, candles and torches. Some places are even selling Christmas trees! Actually this isn't an Islamic practice because Prophet Mohamed never celebrated his birthday.

Many Libyans use this occassion to get together with their families and eat traditional foods. Many families eat rishta and others eat couscous. It depends on the family and area they live in. In the morning almost everyone eats a traditional sweet dish called assida; boiled flour that is cooked into a thick dough and put in a dish surrounded by butter and honey or date syrup (ruub).

While I write this my boys are outside blowing off firecrackers with the other boys in the neighbourhood. It's sounds deafeningly loud. I hate this particular holiday. It's such a wasteful event. Next week Libyans will be back to moaning and complaining about how poor they are and that they cant afford the basic essentials of life. When I listen to the money being lit on fire in the streets around me it just makes me sad.

Happy Meloud!


  1. happy miloud Khadijateri
    enjoy your day sleeping :P
    have a nice day

  2. Happy meloud Mrs Khadija, i wish you a happy calm weekend..

  3. Best Wishes to you and your family
    Agree with you about the waste of money. Dinars going up in smoke!


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