Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Feeding Frenzy

The kitten situation is sorting itself out. We had all been taking turns feeding Anbah's babies with milk from a syringe and hoping she would return. She hasn't come back yet and we've pretty much given up hope of her showing up.

In the middle of the night on Tuesday, Layla started having her kittens. By the time the kids left for school in the morning she had given birth to three. She had another one later on in the morning. I left her in her box with her brood and she was happily sorting them out, cleaning them up and feeding them.

When the kids came back from school we gave Anbah's kittens another feed and then introduced one of the kittens into the box with Layla - praying she would accept it. She immediately started licking it and it latched on to her and started nursing. Then we added the other two kittens.

Layla's got seven kittens now to look after. We're going to have to watch them carefully and give some supplemental feeds to help her out. Phew... I am so glad we are not feeding those kittens 24/7 anymore. We can finally get some rest.


  1. Poor Layla, seven kittens to feed !!!! wow
    Layla needs all the help to stay strong, and I hope she gets her daily healthy nutritious meals. I have no doubt you guys will help her go through it.
    God bless you Khadija and the kids.
    Never give up on Anbah, there tons of stories about cats returned after months from being away, and I hope Anbah did not jump inside a cargo container or got shipped inside a box to some other place.
    Does Anbah heve a name tag with a phone number?

  2. God I love kats...and cats too! I'd take them all but my husband would have a cow...

  3. Awwwwwwwww, how sweet. I was too little to remember when our cats (Sami and Sunshine, now long since deceased) had kittens one right after the other-- but we have pictures. May Layla raise her brood, even her "adopted" kitties, with all the love and care that I know you show YOUR children. It's amazing that you've been bottle/syringe feeding the wee little kittens-- that's sooooooo difficult to do! I remember the special diet we had to feed my pet lovebirds when THEY were breeding, and that was a true nightmare. Maybe, if you can, put brewer's yeast on the kitty food-- we do that with our cats, and they seem to like it (and get less fleas, too!). There's also "milk and egg", a whole egg put in about 3 oz. of milk, stirred up, and microwaved about 15 seconds. They (our cats) also like that. All of our cats, save for my Persian (who's 13 years old at the end of this month, sigh, my baby's a teenager now) got to be "big" cats-- 14-15 lbs. or more.

    I also hope Anbah is okay-- may she return home quickly (and not pregnant again). Sami did this after her first litter was born, and then returned home pregnant again! Luckily she took care of the second batch of kittens, and by the time she came back, Sunshine had "adopted" Sami's first litter.

  4. Thats wonderful
    I wish I can get one of those kittens
    7 mashaAllah
    Asha finally she is depressed just right now got it that her kittens died
    keep looking after Anbah's kittens
    fe aman Allah

  5. Congrats! Your grandchildren are gorgeous!

  6. Mother nature is amazing. What a heartwarming story.
    New to your blog - trying to catch up reading past posts.

  7. just want to ask howcome when I press on mahmuds (the poet) name I get Janzur when he says its USA?

  8. Anonymous
    mahmud lives and works in Hollywood / USA. Janzour is his hometown in Libya.

    His other sites


    You do not have to be in Libya to have a website.
    Got it?


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