Monday, March 10, 2008

It's that time of year

We've been having kittens. Anbah had three kittens and then disappeared. We're not sure what happened to her and we hope she comes back. In the meantime her babies are about three weeks old and are mewing and wanting to eat non-stop. We've been feeding them milk with a syringe.

Our other cat, Layla, is going to have kittens any minute. The poor thing has been waddling around looking miserable... (been there done that... six times). We are hoping that once she does have her kittens that we can sneak Anbah's noisy threesome in so we can stop the 24 hour feeding service we are providing. I don't know what happened to poor Anbah. The kids have been out looking for her.

My house is a zoo. . . . sigh. . .


  1. good, you must add some birds to your zoo :)

  2. Good for you sis. I love kittens. My family tells me that they can't have cats anymore cause neighbors put rat poison everywhere, they lost several cats that way.
    I don't know whether you have such a problem.
    have a good week

  3. what are the names of the 3 kittens?!


  5. Anbah had three kittens and sadly she’s gone
    Hope she comes back N’ gives her babies fun

    Not sure what happened to her, it’s strange
    Been feeding her babies milk with a syringe.

    Kittens mewing and wanting to eat non-stop
    Busy with them N’ no free hand to have a soda pop

    Layla, is due any minute and looks uncomfortable
    She has been waddling around looking miserable

    We are hoping that once Layla does have them
    Our plan is to sneak Anbah's noisy threesome

    I have one cat her name is Macy N’ she’s a brat
    loves to scratch the tree trunk and the floor mat

    The backyard is her favorite even during blizzards
    She loves to chase birds and play with lots of lizards

    Macy is not a big eater, daily she eats twice
    Loves tuna and milk N’ Iams with lamb and rice

    Anbah story upset Macy and her heart was turn
    She started to cry and hoped for Anbah’s return

  6. Fuckin Libyans...the women breed like cats! I know you people realize that you can have your pets fixed for very little money, plus it gives your doctors surgical experience...LMFAO! But I guess in a country where the people compete with animals for food..there isn't much in terms of animal well being. It's the same in mexico, I wouldn't wish being an animal there on anyone. Why is it that the more backward and poor a country is the worse they treat animals?

  7. Tankgirl
    You need to get laid badly, your rubber dildo is worn out . Have a man to woman good fu-k and after that have a Libyan tuna and Tunisian beer that might calm you down.

  8. H Teri !

    Sorry Im not much of an animal lover nowadays ,although I used to be ,but since losing my dog a couple of years back have kept my feelings at bay where animals are concerned and I try to not get attached . I really loved all animals but the loss of my dog was too great...... sigh

    Another poem nice of you Mahmoud, wish all bloggers would follow suite :)

  9. Anonymous.... behave yourself... how would you know what tankgirl needs?... unless you have personal experience with the matter.

    Tankgirl... I agree the pet population needs to be controlled. Unfortunately many Libyan vets won't sterilize pets claiming it is haram. Our cats have kittens and we make sure they are kept well fed and are looked after. Cats play an important role in controlling the rodent population.

    At the farm we have only male dogs and they are kept on leads most of the time. If we had female dogs we'd have them sterilized because puppies are difficult to deal with and it's hard to find good homes for them.

    Comparing Libyan women to cats is unfair. Libyans tend to have large families and this is usually by choice nowadays - actually women these days have fewer children than Libyan women did in the past.

  10. Hi there,
    I love your seem to be the only one with internet access in libya...and i do have a question about libya since am moving to tripoli.. whats the "mosquitoes" situation there in tripoli??????? should i bring my mosquito-proof suit? can i get some sleep at night? will i catch some unknown disease and die?? please reply....thx thx thx :) jim

  11. --> Anonymous

    There are some at summer, but it's a manageable situation, just keep your windows closed, which you'll use the AC because of the hot winds out.
    And you’ll not catch any diseases, and you’ll survive, only, you need immunity against the weird stuff you might see, always do not show how surprised you’re.

  12. Jim... mosquitoes are not a huge problem here. Some areas suffer worse than others - just close the windows. Libyan doesn't have a malaria problem because the kinds of mosquitoes that carry the disease aren't here.

    Probably the biggest problem ex-pats face is cirrhosis of the liver from all the booze they consume.

    you are lucky...asha's kittens didn't make it
    fe aman Allah

  14. oh.. thank you guys. am much happier now... jim


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