Monday, January 29, 2007

No phone... no net... sigh

My phone is out... completely and totally dead. It seems that the overzealous hole diggers, the ones who like filling Tripoli's roads and streets with huge cravasses have hit the main cable in my area. We haven't had phone service for the last five days. I went to the phone company's repair and service centre for my area this morning and they said it will be another two or three days.

On the way back home I drove by the place where the damaged cable is and found the phone company trucks, those lovely bright yellow and blue vehicles all parked along the road. The repairmen where standing around, peering into a hole in the ground with bewildered looks on their faces.

I hope they figure out the problem and get it fixed quickly. I feel totally disconnected with the world. Imagine me with no internet. I'm having to go to a cafe... the connection is incredibly slow. Click and wait.... for an eternity! After they get the phone lines working again I will have to see if good ole LTT will credit me for the days I paid for but haven't been able to use.

For some reason I feel like this is going to go on longer than two or three days. Maybe I'm just suffering from internet and phone withdrawal. But still I'm not ready to break out and buy a cell phone... God I hate those things!

I'll be in touch... from an internet cafe.... frustrating... click and wait..... forever......


  1. I feel your pain!
    It's like your right arm has been cut off!!
    Sounds like things are better in Tripoli now.. Most people in the 60's did not have phones and if they did the phone did not work all the time. On occasion it would ring in the middle of the night and no one would be there! Grrrr
    I will keep my fingers crossed that your phone line will be repaired soon rather than later so life will be back to normal. It just is not the same without your posts.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you are now handicapped - I do not envy you having to hang out at a cybernet. Not a lot of nice ones around Tripoli - at least not that I found - I really did not like having to suck in all the cigarette smoke. In shaa allah you will be back to home surfing within a few days.

  3. Well, what did you do 10 years ago when there was no Net in town?

    Allahuma ma3 assabereen

  4. Ops! internet Cafe in Tripoli, I can't dare to use any of my e-mail accounts :d, be patient and everything will be alright and may be it's time to sit and relax :P and you need it.

  5. yeah, when you can't join the internet you fell out of the world, i can't use net in office because phone line is crashed from about 10 day's, and i have not phone line in my home.
    thats why i use net by:
    - ElMadar GPRS: but its very low speed.
    - Libyana GPRS: but its very very bad connection.
    - or by move with my portable and connect from any place have Phone Line (I'm looking very funny when i do this).
    - some time i use internet cafe but its not trusted, be carefully.

  6. Good luck Teri, last time I was w/o landline for two months....sigh!

  7. I concur.

    It is disappointing when in teh world of instant messaging and Vlogging one cannot send sometimes time critical messages or surf the internet using modern communication tools.

    I am unable to surf the internet on my Libyana GPRS enabled MOtoroloa handset.Been so for the past one month.

    Its like two steps forward and step back.

    Kind of rhymes with what I heard on NPR recently on some for of censorship against Youtube videos in Pakistan.


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