Friday, April 28, 2006

A peaceful Friday

We had a nice peaceful day. It began with Mustafa out in our garden trimming the trees. The neighbour behind me has a huge overgrown and sickly apricot tree that touches my clothesline and he trimmed that back - the neighbour wasn't very pleased about it, but since it's hanging into our garden she could do nothing about it. I wish they would get rid of the tree - the fruit is useless and the tree puts out this awful sap that sticks and stains anything that it touches. It only seems to offer shade which is why they refuse to remove it.

Mustafa trimmed the tree (above) in the front of our house that I grew from a seed from the tree in my mother's garden back in Florida.

In the afternoon we went to the farm. It's nice now that we have two cars and I am driving. Mustafa left in the truck and I took my time getting ready and followed later in my car.

My house these days is full of roses from our farm - above is a weird varigated rose - I think it's ugly! No need to cut it and bring it home.

Almonds coming soon :)

Pomegranite blossom and buds.

Jenna and I cut wild grasses to use in dried flower arrangements.


We picked white mulberries - they were so sweet.

We spent time watching the bees pollinating the cactus growing alongside the road.

And we watched the spiders in the webs that filled the spaces between the cacti.

The neighbours field always has vegetables of one kind or another growing in it.

These are Yusef's dogs. They were happy to see Yusef, he played with them all afternoon.

We've got some onions planted near the well. I always like the way the flowers look - you would never believe that onions would have such an interesting looking flower.

It was a nice restful day - I hope your day was nice too! Posted by Picasa


  1. After reading your post, i had a nice day,

  2. Lovely pics.Thanks for sharing them.As for my Friday was something out of this world ! Running about getting everything organized and in tip top shape for the comming week!It is an endless story!I really need a holiday .Nice to see other people like yourself having fun, which in return give us hope.Thanks.

  3. Could you send seed from the tree you got from mothers? We lost that tree in one of the hurricanes and I miss it!

  4. What type of tree is pictured from your mother's seed in FL and how long did it take it to grow that Heighth? And where in Florida is your mama? I loved the bark and the flowingness of the tree. Thanks Sandi

  5. It's a mimosa tree - It took about 7 years to get that big - it grows like a weed! We keep cutting it back. But I love that tree. Mom's from Seminole, near St. Pete.

  6. Peaceful days are the best. May we all have more of them.


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