Sunday, April 02, 2006

Libyan drivers

Below is an interesting video I found of Libyan driving.

Actually yesterday one of my friends called me in a panic. Her husband had gone shopping and taken her car. He parked it and got out, noticed a minibus swerving in and out of traffic at high speed and then it ploughed into her car and totalled it. It's a good thing that no one was in the car because they probably would not have survived.

Anyway, her husband was at the police station trying to straighten it all out. It seems that some of the passengers on the bus were injured and the busdriver was trying to talk his way out of it all. Of course the minibus didn't have proper insurance and the police were advising my friend's husband to just take whatever money he could get! - the car was less than a year old!

God help us all!

note: the video is not from the insident I mentioned above.


  1. It's that Adam on one of his joy rides?

  2. A rather sobering look at the youth of Libya. Since our flat is in the vicinity of a few institutes and high schools, this is basically what happens on the road right around the corner from us on a daily basis. Pretty scary! And your worried about the influence of a reggae singer with a bit of cleavage . . . hehehe...

    Sigh . . I imagine Adam will be right there with them as soon as he gets his own wheels.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Dear 7mada
    Seems like you're really out of touch with our way of living.As for beards you can have them up to your knees !For the Fejer Prayer everybody goes it's now the norm. Now about going to Ghana that's another story !

  5. 7mada, how long has it been since you set foot in the Jamahiriyah?

  6. What the hell is wrong with that person?

  7. it looks like the howard franklin bridge at rush hour traffic

  8. 7mada I don't know how long it has been since you've been here in Libya , but guessing on all your comments ; it must be too long ago .Tell us about your self . Where are you living that there isn't any lawlessness, where there is true democracy , real freedom,no worry about going to the hospital because of lack of insurance , being able to afford medicine , and free public schools that don't try to bend the minds of your childern to the governments way of thinking one way or another ?Where there isn't homeless people sleeping outside in the freezing cold ?No soup kitchens because everyone has a good paying job and can afford grocerys .
    Listen , the World is the same place here , as there, where ever there is for you .There is happiness,goodness , and kindness where ever you look in the world . Even in the darkest room you will find light if you look for it .So , are you a glass is half empty kinda guy , or are you a glass is half full person when it comes to Libya ? There is only one Paradise, and we haven't been there yet ! Syd


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