Sunday, April 02, 2006

Introducing . . . .

The other day I added to my growing list of Libyan and Libyan related blogs and got this comment:

Hi Khadija,what about my blog !!! - Sereeb

The name of the link looked familiar, I clicked on the link and had a look . I kept thinking 'Where have I read this name before?' Then it occurred to me that it was from the Tibra website that I had read the name before, a spotlight about Soad El-Rgaig.

More for the growing list!

Sereeb - the blog ~~ Sereeb - the website
Also added:
I'll add them to the sidebar as well - Thanks for pointing yourself out. If there's anyone else hiding out there - Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!!!


  1. 7mada - I've added you. Actually I thought I allready added you, but that was at the time when I was having internet problems. I had plans and then thought I carried them out. You're on now. :)

  2. Dear Khadija ,
    Would you please add school link?
    Please comment .

  3. Ok - it's already been added at

  4. Thanks Khadija :) I tried email Soad but got a failure notice .


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