Sunday, April 09, 2006

A morning at the fair

This morning we decided to go to the fair - on the way we drove past the fountain that I had previously posted a picture of and found workers cleaning it. I decided to take some pictures since the water was turned off.

There must be some information somewhere about the background of this fountain.

Near the entrance to the fair.

We arrived early in the day so it wasn't very busy.

There were displays from many different countries and they had all kinds of things to look at and things to buy too.

Jenna inspected the ambulances and medical equipment. She's still not sure whether she wants to be a doctor or a lawyer.

The US had a pavillion but it was closed - they said they were having a conference and they were closed to the public. Mustafa said to the man standing at the door 'Is this the time to hold a conference? You should use this opportunity to be open to the public.' We never did see more than the outside of the pavilion. . . maybe next year. . .

As usual they had a poor little gazelle with a photographer for people to get their pictures taken with.

The kids need this to keep them busy this summer.

It was a nice way to spend the morning. Time to get back home and send Jenna off to school.

We saw this sign on the way to the car . .. westeren food and sandwishes. . . lol - Time to think about lunch! Posted by Picasa


  1. I'm jealous I did not get to go to the fair and probably won't be able to either .

    Lol at the menu :)

  2. I went there , had great time but I still didnt get why I didnt win anything from LG ,I guess it's because I am not lucky and I have never won anything in my life .

  3. ahh i went to the fair too yesterday..... it was really interesting very similar to what we do in Malta every year in summer.... though in Malta it is much bigger..... however yesterday was sooooo crowded!!!! after half an hour pushing my way through crowds and suffocating at over crowded stand I had had enough and headed home.... might try this evening after work if i pluck up the courage to face the crowds again!!!

  4. I can't believe the "gazelle".
    In Tunisia we usually use camels and donkeys instead :)

  5. are you busy? long time and no post?

  6. yes busy! working hard this week but I hope to post at the weekend.


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