Thursday, September 02, 2010

A change in the air

In all the years that I have been in Libya (21), the first of September has always been really hot and really muggy. But this year was different. It was nice all day, nice enough to eat our iftar outside in the garden. After we ate, we stayed outside until late in the night. As the temperature dropped, Jenna went in the house and came back wrapped in her blanket and I got out a light wool shawl to throw over my bare shoulders. We sat under the stars and the moon and enjoyed the weather.  It really felt as though autumn was in the air. The next morning we woke to hot weather once again.

Soon it will be Eid, I'm enjoying the last days of Ramadan. Soon we will be back to school and work.


  1. Khadija,

    I hope your right about the weather. As a Brit I love 9 months of the year in Libya but summer is a bit hot for me! I'm due back in Benghazi next week and weather in the high 20s would be just right


  2. Hi Rab - have a safe trip back. It rained a bit off and on today in Tripoli and the weather cooled off. It was a lovely evening with a beautiful sunset. The birds in my garden are going crazy eating all the millet we planted for them.

  3. Rob not Rab... new keyboard.. can't seem to get my fingers in the right place.

  4. Hello, I have been following your blog for quite some time and I do love to read you. I learn from you, since I respect you deeply, I would like to ask your opinion on this please:

    “In 1993, the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia, Sheik Abdel-Aziz ibn Baaz, issued a edict, or fatwah, declaring that the world is flat. Anyone of the round persuasion does not believe in God and should be punished.''

    Is the world flat? Is that in Q'uran? Thank you again!


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