Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some pictures

My husband finally got a mobile phone that has a camera. He's been having a fun learning how to use it - most of the pictures he took had his finger taking up half the frame. These are some of the good/interesting pictures I found on the camera.

Marcos Aurelius's Arch  - love the sky on this.

In the Medina.

The clock tower in the Medina... beautiful sky!

This is an advert about an eco-friendly program - renting bicycles. 
Do you think Libyans would rent bikes to ride around Tripoli? 

Men at a wedding.

Dangerous looking electrical wires in the Green Square next to the fountain... hundreds of people walk here every day? Pretty sad... sigh...

More wires.

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  1. They are quite good. Nice to have your husband as a guest photographer!

  2. Yeah Anna, it is nice to have him as a guest! :)

  3. Hi Khadija,
    Haven't been online for a while, just catching up on your blog now. The photo of the bike rental place caught my eye, sounds interesting . Where is it? Do you know anything about the cycling program? I'm really interested to see what a country where petrol is cheaper than water can do to save the environment.

  4. I don't know any more about the bike scheme except for what is on that sign. And I noticed that in the picture of the sign that in the front whell of the bike is has 2050 on it.... does that mean we have to wait until then to see the bike scheme put in place? It's a new thing in London now.

    Do you suppose we might see Libyan women wearing black abayah and niqab riding about town? with their babies balanced on the handlebars? Wouldn't that be a fun sight to see!

  5. I burst out laughing when I saw the bike renting advert. As if anyone in Libya would ride a bike! Lol! The Marcus Aurelius arch pic brings back memories for me, I was in Libya about four years ago, that was one part of Tripoli that I thought was absolutely beautiful.


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