Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eid and other events

Eid is over and went smoothly. 

I spent the first day at my in-laws. I sat until my bottom became numb and we ate the usual fasulia (navy beans in a spicy tomato sauce with meat) eaten with fateera (a flat oily bread), which I later regretted eating... ehem..ehem... 

All the little kids looked so cute in their Eid clothes. My sister-in-laws have this thing about changing their kids clothes so that they can show off that they bought them three outfits. It seemed like every time I looked at the kids they were wearing something else and a few times I shook their hands a second time by mistake because I thought it was a child I hadn't seen yet. They would laugh and say 'Abla Khadija, you've already greeted me!'. There were lots of balloons and cheap plastic toys, noise and excitement and running and jumping (and some fighting too). It reminded me of what my kids were like when they were small and I counted my blessings that I was over that.

Day two of Eid - I stayed home for most of the day, only going to my in-laws in the late afternoon. It was just a repeat of the day before, just different sisters-in-law and different kids. 

The last day of Eid marked the beginning of my husband's cousin's wedding. One event progressing into the next.   There are two days left of the wedding to get through. I've had a lot of family in my life this week!

Today is also the first day of school. Jenna is the only one that went as she has plans to see her best friend. Nothing is accomplished on the first day of school - total chaos - the rest of my kids are waiting until tomorrow. By next week we'll all be back to the usual routine... I hope. 


  1. Happy Eid to you and all of your family.

  2. Hi my dear Khadija
    Happy Eid fetr Ramadan to you and
    all of the moslems.
    I am Ahmad from Iran-Esfahan and I have been
    following your blog a long time.
    my blog is
    please leave comment for me.
    may your luck continue....
    Take care

  3. I agree.
    Libyans have a problem with Eid clothes.
    Anyways , Eid Mubarak!

  4. Eid Mubarak Said :)
    It's been a while since I checked your blog but so happy to see that you are doing ok!!!
    Have a great weekend :)


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