Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Coming to a close

A few months ago we put out bird seed in the garden to attract birds that are in the area. A few of the millet seeds spouted and grew and we liked the look of the plants so much that we decided to plant some more in a section of our garden. The plants grew strong and tall, some reaching nearly 3 metres high. Not only is it pleasing to the eye but it also helps keep the sand from blowing and landing on the doorstep (happy to have less sweeping to do!). Now  my garden is full of birds feasting on the millet. Sometimes there are over a hundred birds in my garden at one time! Such a joy to watch. We will definitely plant more next year.

Ramadan is coming to a close. We have one or possibly two more days of fasting left. Every year my normal routine has been to cross off each day on the calendar as soon as we finished breaking our fast for the day. But this year I didn't count the days - I enjoyed every one of them. I've had lots of time to rest, read, embrace the spiritual, visit with friends and family,  and I spent lots of time with my husband and children. Many, many blessings to count. 

There are a few things to tie up before the feast days following Ramadan. Hopefully we'll get the list of errands finished today. 

Ibrahim sitting next to me at my desk, playing games on my laptop. 

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  1. Mashallah !!!! Ibie is getting sooo grown up .Love the pics of the birds . Happy Eid to you and the family .


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