Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The in-laws finally made an appearance today. They had had to postpone their visit to me because of unexpected visitors. It all worked out fine. Everyone showed up at about 11 pm. Mother-in-law, six sisters-in-law, and most of their children (and they each have at least 5).

They decided to sit in the garden because I had the air conditioners running and they were all afraid they might get tonsillitis from the cold air. The garden worked out better because all the little kids could run around freely.

There was plenty to eat and drink and everyone had a merry time. The older girls went to work in the kitchen preparing all the trays and dishes and did all the serving, while the women sat in the garden under the moon and gossiped. I ran back and forth supervising the girls. After all the food had been served it was time to clean up. One by one, and two by two, my in-laws got up to leave - kisses all around. Off they went, taking their babies and children. I'm all set, until next year.


  1. I had to laugh about that comment about the air conditioners. I get the same comments too. Also, my kids are never dressed warm enough, and that drinking cold beverages will cause the throat to be infected !? They will not allow their kids to have popsicles or ice cream, and warm up the juice by heating it on the stove... I just shake my head. If I attempt to give my own children a cold drink - they yell "sagga!". My husband tells me that its because i am from a cold country, so that drinking cold drinks (even in summer) is acceptable, but here in Libya, the cold drink, and the warm temperatures will cause such a shock to the system that the kids will get sick. To prove my point, I asked a Libyan doctor how can you catch a virus from drinking a cold drink, viruses are caught but germs? She replied that there is no reason to give kids cold drinks... Sorry to digress. Glad you had a nice visit.

  2. Old wives tales are rampant in Libya.... sigh...

    In the winter my in-laws will leave all the windows open - to get fresh air. And then they will dress their kids in heavy winter clothes including their coats!... in the house!.. at the same time they will have the heaters turned on.. but of course with the windows and doors all open the heaters are useless.

    I just do my own thing and ignore them.


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