Thursday, August 05, 2010

For the Birds

Way back in the 1990s, when satellite TV in Libya was a new and exciting thing and internet was just a dream, I used to watch 'Good Morning America' every day. It was great to see what was going on in the real world. I could find out what was happening in the news, learn about the latest trends, gadgets, movies and cooking tips. It was like getting a few minutes of 'home' on a daily basis.

This was fine most of the time, but there were times when it just made me homesick. One of those times was on a day when the presenter (I can't remember who) decided to move out of the studio to do an interview outside in a garden..... a very green garden (and Libya that day seemed so dry and brown). I remember watching the the interview and getting distracted by the greenness of the lush flower garden. And then I heard the birds singing.... north American birds... singing.... singing...singing..... All I could hear were the birds. Then tears started rolling down my face... soon I was sobbing. Sigh... there is nothing like the sound of birds from home.

I think the birds here in Libya are drab and boring in comparison to the birds I know from 'home'.  But there is someone here in Libya who just might make me change my mind. Meet BirdingRob :

An English teacher currently working in Benghazi, Rob travels across Libya in his free time birding. He's a late developer on the bird watching front, mainly induced by boredom in Baku. Now bitten by the bug, he has bird watched mostly in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Libya. And guess what? He has a blog - hooray! You can read about his adventures and learn about the bird life of Libya here: BirdingRob 

Thanks Rob - for teaching Libyans English, and teaching everyone everywhere about north African birds and wildlife. You are a treasure!

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