Saturday, July 31, 2010

The yearly trip

The annual pre-Ramadan shopping trip with my mother-in-law went off without a hitch.  She was waiting downstairs for me to arrive, making sure to get into the car before any of my sisters-in-law saw us. Off we went. She had about 40 dinars rolled up and stuffed in the top of her sock. Of course I didn't let her spend any of it. We had a great time looking at everything and deciding what to buy. 

My mother-in-law made the comment that the quality of things was so much better than it was in the past. What she didn't know that I was making sure to take her to shops that sold better quality things. There is a lot of junk out there, and it's such a waste to spend money on it. I really think the shop owners should feel ashamed to sell some of the stuff. But I guess if there are people who will buy it, then they will sell it. 

We filled the car and I drove her home and we got some of the nieces and nephews to help us carry it all upstairs. They laid it all out on the floor in the sitting room and my mother-in-law was running back and forth like a proud hen, putting it all away - but not too quickly. She did make sure that everyone had a good look. Then she insisted I have lunch with her and spend the afternoon chatting. 

I'm blessed to have such a dear woman for a mother-in-law. She's all set for Ramadan. It was a wonderful day. 


  1. Just curious, what exactly you shop for on the annual pre-Ramadan shopping trip? I just moved here a month ago, and I heard about it.Fyi, I also observes Ramadan fasting. I don't think it was food shopping? or is it?

  2. Of course food is the main focus during Ramadan - but right before Ramadan women go out to buy all kinds of new things for their kitchens; gadgets, appliances, dishes, silverware, glasses, trays. Whatever things will help them make cooking easier and the table the most beautiful.

  3. HI. You are blessed to have such mother inlaw. I miss my mother in law. promised myself that as soon as we go back to Libya, inshallah, i will find myself a job so i can take her out shopping. as of now, packages sent through my uncle will do. :)


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