Friday, July 16, 2010

Wasting Time on Facebook

What a week! Last Sunday I logged onto Facebook and noticed that one of my sisters (the brown-haired one) had posted a comment that my mom was in the emergency room. Of course, no other details were given so I frantically tried contacting someone, anyone, that could give me more information. I finally got hold of another sister (baby sister) who had no idea what I was talking about and had to check Facebook to see for herself. No one answered the phone at my mom's house and my son (#1) wasn't answering his phone either (he was at the ER). By this time I was not only worried, but totally pissed off too. What was going on??? 

Finally, I found out that my mom had been feeling dizzy and had had pain in her arm, so they decided to take her by ambulance (911!) to the hospital where she was admitted for tests. After a few days and tons of tests (it took days for the cardiologist to do his thing) they said she was fine and could go home. I still haven't gotten the whole story - my sister's cryptic Facebook posts about mom stopped, and it seems that none of my sisters are communicating very well (ahhhh... sibblings!). My son just says 'Mom, stop worrying. Grandma's fine.' And of course my mother isn't saying much either. Maybe she thinks I will worry too much - but not telling me what's going on just makes me worry all the more.

After three days my mother was discharged from the hospital. She got home and was settling in, walked out into the back porch and slipped. Crash! She twisted her ankle, there was lots of pain, the ankle swelled up, and she was off for another trip to the emergency room. Twice in one week!! After looking at the x-rays the doctor pronounced 'It's just a sprain. You should keep off your feet for a week'

Mom is home - resting and playing solitaire (I hope). I think it's time for me to go 'home' for a visit.... to see my mother... and to beat up my sisters and  #1 son.


  1. I can imagine how stressful it must have been for you.
    Hope she recovers very soon.

  2. I can feel your pain being here not knowing what was going on with your mom in US. I was just thinking about the same thing the other day, if anything bad happened to my mom back home, it would be impossible to just leave right away to see her since it would take at least a day or more to get an exit visa.
    I think this is the only country in the world that required exit visa, right?

  3. Yes, you need an exit visa here but you can apply for a multiple visa. Anyway, it takes a while to arrange airline ticketing. But it's much better than in the past during the sanctions the only way you could get out of here was to either drive across the border into Tunisia or Egypt, or take an over night ferry to Malta. Thank God those days are gone.


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