Friday, July 02, 2010

Two cultures, one family

I got up this morning at six, which is when I normally wake up, but of course this is my day off and I don't need to be up so early. I made the most of it and had a peaceful breakfast on the front porch (after putting the dogs out on the farm). 

My internet has been intermittent lately. At one point I had no internet at all and had to contact the company, which took days because they don't answer the phone. Finally, I got through to someone at LTT and they decided the problem was with my wimax modem. 'Bring it into the service centre to be looked at.' said the service rep. 'The office closes at four.' I looked at my watch, it was 3:25. 'Hurry up Nora! I think we can make it!' I shouted. 

My children have inherited the genes of two very different people from two very different places and cultures. Unfortunately, my daughter Nora has inherited the Libyan time gene from her father. The concept of 'hurry up' doesn't exist for her. We arrived at the service centre at 4:05. It was closed of course. So internet was put off for another day. 

I finally made it to the service centre and my modem has been sorted out. I'm catching up on emails and finding out what's up in the blogosphere. And what do you think is going on? 

Pleasant surprise for me! My blog is being featured on Pocket Cultures. You can see it here: Libyan Summer

Thanks Pocket Cultures!


  1. Loved the blog, I will keep coming back for more.

  2. Khadija,

    So how long did LTT take to sort out the problem? Oh, wow....Libya must be advancing/developing rapidly with wimax and all. I wish I could be there to see how much has changed over the years!


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