Monday, August 30, 2010

An interesting observation

Do I detect a bit of competition going on?

  • Son goes off to Italy and gets 1 supermodel. Link here.
  • Baba goes off to Italy and gets 500 models. Link here.
Is anyone supposed to top that?

1 comment:

  1. Ibni-- going to Italy to snog a model, presumably without his wife's knowledge or consent or approval. I can't see any wife finding out about this and being "okay" with it.

    Baba-- going to Italy to teach models about Islam. Presumably with his wife's knowledge and support and approval. I can see where a wife would be okay with this, and would probably suggest it.

    Hmmmmm. The ONLY thing that could top that is "Ibnah" or "Zawaja Ithnan" being instrumental in bringing peace to Palestine, convincing 5000 Western/Christian/European women to wear hijab to show solidarity with their Islamic sisters who are not allowed to due to regulations/laws in Europe that prevent them from expressing their faith as they choose... or something of that nature.


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