Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slowly Recovering

I have the flu. It all started last Thursday morning I woke up with a headache and by the end of the day I had developed a cough and a slight fever. On Friday I had invited some of my students and another teacher over for a picnic, but by the time they started to arrive I was too sick to join the fun and had gone to bed. I was out like a light... comatose!

Someone had taken some pictures with my camera and it looks like they had a great time. The picnic lasted all afternoon and into the night. Sorry I missed the fun.

Over the next few days my husband kept trying to wake me up. Everything was hazy and all I knew was that my entire body ached.. my eyeballs even hurt. By day three he insisted I go to the hospital. So after a huge effort to make myself somewhat presentable to the general public, we headed out the door (one day I will look back at the sight of Nora trying to put my clothes on for me and laugh).

We decided that since there was a chance I had Swine Flu the best thing would be to go the main hospital where we thought we would find a whole system set up to deal with cases of influenza. After an ordeal of finding a parking space I told my husband to let me sit down someplace (away from other people) while he went in to find out where I needed to go. He came back after a while and brought me inside where I was taken into a room.

After being asked my name and what was wrong I was led into a curtained off corner just big enough for two grubby looking hospital beds. There were already five women perched on those two beds, add me and now there were six. Imagine having a doctors examination on a bed with two other women!

The doctor asked me what my symptoms were and I told him. Then someone took my blood pressure and then I was asked to get up. Back out to the desk in the main area; I was handed a prescription for Panadol Cold and Flu, Amoxicilin and vitamin C. No one took my temperature, or listened to my chest (oh darn), or cared what kind of flu I had.

I'm starting to get up a bit. I can manage about 15 minutes and then I need a four hour nap. I'm a survivor! My advice... if you think you have the flu in Libya - just stay home. The trip to the hospital could kill you. I am taking the antibiotics... God alone knows what those other ladies on those beds had.


  1. Get well soon, Khadija! I'm sorry you missed your picnic, the pictures are nice. And I hope you can laugh soon about the trip to the hospital, the story is hilarious. Regards, Anna

  2. salam

    hope you get well soon :) and recover from this flue...
    this time of the year ,,, its normal to get one... just drink lots of water and dont stay in a dry place...

    and in this cases really staying home is th best ,,, and for that resons ... most ppl are going directly to the pharmacy not the doctor,,, cos they allready know what they will have,,,

    sorry you missed the picnic :) i am sure you will enjoy it next time :)

    get well soon


  3. Hilarious? You must be kidding!! Poor Teri! I've been in hospitals in Libya so I have a very good idea of what they're like. It's a SCANDAL that the government cannot or will not provide decent health care for Libyans or at least keep the clinics they have clean. The money is there. Libya needs civic action.
    Get well soon, Teri!

  4. Swine flu has definitely hit libya.The french school has closed classes due to 12 reported cases of swine flu, little nomads nursery has closed due to swine flu, confirmed cases at the russian school and our school on alert! at the end of the dat its just a flu but all flu cases should be treated seriously with a blood test. i know at one bupa hospital in ben ashur, its free blood test for swine flu. anyway inshallah u and all will be fine.

  5. @anonymous. You are right. When I had made the comment, I thought this is also quite sad for people who dependent on such care, but the comment was already sent.
    But Khadija told the story in a very vivid and funny way, that is what I meant. And she also cannot change this situation. Anna

  6. When I tell people that I tried to NEVER go to the hospital in Libya they look at me like I'm crazy. I'm sorry all you Dr's out there and I'm sure your good Dr's but the hospital system in Libya is a joke. I always used to say you can get sicker there than being at home.

    Teri, I hope you feel better. Thank goodness Noura is old enough to help now. Just take it easy.

  7. Oh Khadija,

    sounds like the swine flu, the bastard. Me and all 7 kids had it at once, but must say glad we got it and got over the exposure.
    It was the worst flu ever.

    Huda (who is officially not coming to Libya)

  8. I am glad you are feeling better enough to be able to write again. I was looking forward to seeing what you will write about Eid Al-Adha however you are probably going to concentrate on getting even better. I am hoping for your full recovery.

  9. Welcome to my world.... I work at a Libyan hospital, Imagine what we have to deal with every day...there is a filter system, and if you’re not lucky and got a bad on call drs like you had, a lot of serious cases will send home without reaching the right Dr, and most of them come back later and we cannot do much b/c it to late...

    Happy you are better today and able to enjoy (Eid)!!

  10. I hope you feel better
    eid moubarak


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