Monday, August 31, 2009

September 1st

Big day in Libya... there are so many words that describe how I feel about the day. You can find them all here: How I feel


  1. salam alaykom... Yes me and my husband saw it on the tv.... It looked nice... I really like Libya alot and what Gaddafi have done to it...

  2. that is alot of mixed emotions. i bet many people only have either negative or positive emotions for today.

  3. does it, matter you guys have been ruled by an individual at the top.

    or is that not a concern for the common man in Libya?

    just curious


  4. I am from Pakistan, I like your blog. it is well managed and lots of stuff to read. Keep it up i will be regular visitor.

  5. WOW ! I think you about covered it all !!! LOL !

    Looking forward to your next post on your new home . It is so lovely !!! Had a great time tonight there with you and the friends !OTE


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